Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Banks Lake 2012

We lucked out this year!  We had the best weather ever!  Normally, when we go this time of year to Bank's Lake we usually have one okay day and then the rest are cool and windy.  Not this time!  It was sunny and warm the whole weekend!  We hung out at the beach, ate yummy food, played on the water, and explored this beautiful lake.  We love going with good friends and getting to know them even better.  Can't wait for our next trip!
 It's so beautiful here!
 Katie loved spending time with her friends

 View from up above the resort

 One of our favorite beaches to go to

 Brian, Ryson, and Taylor
 Another cove/beach we found
 We moms were spoiled on Mother's Day!
 Our family
All the kids in our group!

La Conner for our anniversary!

We were married 18 years ago!  Cannot believe that much time has passed!  To celebrate, we headed up north to La Conner, WA.  It is the cutest town right in the middle of the tulip fields.  We were a few weeks past the peak of the tulips but we did find one field.  We stayed at a place called La Conner Channel Lodge.  Loved it!  We even had massages!  We had dinner in the best restaurant called Nell Thorn - Aaron had salmon and I had shrimp pasta.  SO good!  We really enjoyed our time away!  Love you honey!
 The tulip fields!

La Conner Channel Lodge


Thought I'd include this picture of the kids Easter Sunday.  They did search for eggs and things earlier but I did not get a shot of that.  Sadly, they are getting a bit old for it!

Opening night at the Evergreen Raceways

We did the craziest thing!  Never been to one of these but we went to the opening night for Evergreen Raceways up in Monroe.  There were crash up derbies, races with small cars and loud V8's, ameteur races, and awesome fireworks - never seen anything like it before!  We loved it!  Can't wait to go back!  Next time, Aaron and I will wear our matching camo sweatshirts!

 We got in cheap because it was Boy Scout night

Aaron and Todd got to be in one of the races!  How cool!

Trip to the Olympic Peninsula

I've lived in the state of Washington for many years ( we don't need to go into how many) and have never really been to or explored the Olympic Peninsula!  That is so sad because it is so beautiful!  We planned a quick trip there during our spring break and I'm so glad we did!  We had good weather, though a bit chilly, and we were able to see many cool places!  One of the best was Fort Worden outside of Port Townsend.  We spent hours there exploring the old bunkers, building structures on the beach, and hiking all over.  We also went to the Olympic Game Farm Park - really a cool place!  The animals would stick their whole heads in the car just to get some bread!  It was hilarious!  We traveled there with the Gustin's in their van - that was half the fun!  We can't wait to go again!
 Outside the Navel Museum
 Trying on uniforms
 Overlooking Fort Worden
 The bunkers - spent hours in them!

 That's a huge bison out the window!
 You get really close to the grizzlies

Never sitting still - always building something!

Arizona 2012

It is so nice to take a trip during mid-winter break to someplace sunny!  We got lots of sun this week and loved it!  We weren't able to make it last year so we had lots of visiting to make up for that!  We spent time with my family - my brothers Kris and Kelly and their families, and also some friends - Karin (college roomate) and Kerri (long time friend).  We went hiking in the Superstition Mountains - loved that!  So beautiful!  And we just enjoyed spending time with my parents.  We miss them all!
 Hiking in the Superstitions

 My college roommate Karin
 Enjoying some miniature golf
 My good friend Kerri
 They thought we were crazy to be swimming but mid 70's is Seattle summer weather!
 My brother Kris, his wife Megan, and their boys Landon and Austin
 My brother Kelly, his wife Penny, and their girls Megan, Kenzie, and Addie (and their dog Niko)
 Me and my bro's!
 The Wrights
The whole gang!

Snow, again!

We've had a pretty cold winter.  We had snow a few times but this snow storm was pretty bad.  First the snow came, then came the freezing rain which made all the trees break.  Then came no electricity!  While it was fun during the storm, we paid for it with missing school.  The kids had to make up 5 days!  Now instead of getting out on June 15th, we are going until June 20th!  We did enjoy the white though!

Let the battle begin!

Enjoying some time in Cle Elum

Katie is now 11!!

I really can't believe that Katie is 11!  Where do the years go?  I can still remember her standing in her crib waiting for me to get her out - her smile was always huge!  She is still a super happy girl and loves to try new things!  Her birthday this year fell on the day she was leaving for the 5th Grade Camp Casey trip.  She handled that disappointment well though!  We bought her a birthday pin and they put her up on the stage and sang to her.  She doesn't love all that attention but still grinned and bore it!  We had originally planned her birthday party with friends the Friday after her birthday but she came home from camp pretty sick and was down all weekend.  We were able to find another weekend a few weeks later so she still got to celebrate!  Love you Kate!