Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Banks Lake 2012

We lucked out this year!  We had the best weather ever!  Normally, when we go this time of year to Bank's Lake we usually have one okay day and then the rest are cool and windy.  Not this time!  It was sunny and warm the whole weekend!  We hung out at the beach, ate yummy food, played on the water, and explored this beautiful lake.  We love going with good friends and getting to know them even better.  Can't wait for our next trip!
 It's so beautiful here!
 Katie loved spending time with her friends

 View from up above the resort

 One of our favorite beaches to go to

 Brian, Ryson, and Taylor
 Another cove/beach we found
 We moms were spoiled on Mother's Day!
 Our family
All the kids in our group!

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missykac said...

Gosh, what fun times you have. Your kids are very lucky to have young energetic parents that plan and choose to do adventurous outings. Looks like all the kids had a buddy or two. Of course, it looks like Mom and Dad had a great time too. Huge group - What all of Walnut Creek? or your ward at least. Love the write-up and especially the pictures.